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Liz Cooper
Making Art in Essex
My art is simple in aim and inspiration. I like to paint moments in time which move me, people I know, admire, love – perhaps all three – animals we should all love, land and sea scapes, Still Life. I am interested in 'how things fall' and so prefer subjects to be a little 'unguarded' or undercomposed.
Liz Cooper

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Liz Cooper
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Making Art in Essex

SAC Southend Art Club Summer Exhibition

'Last Days With Nanny Rosie' won Best In Show at Southend Art Club Exhibition at The Cliffs Pavilion, Southend, in August 2019, and was shortlisted for The Society of Women Artists Open Exhibition 2019 at The Mall Galleries in London.

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Last Days with Nanny Rosie

Oil on board



Liz Cooper
Making Art in Essex

About Lizzie C


My Studio

This is where I paint, in my (very small) studio in my (very small) garden, usually tapping my foot to Radiohead, The National, London Grammar... and other cheerful stuff.

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My Materials


I use 'Rosemary's Brushes', their Ivory and Evergreen range. As a vegetarian, I avoid using animal products, so these good quality, synthetic ranges are a great find.


Water mixable oils are perfect for those who prefer low-odour painting. No mind-blowing turps required! I use Winsor and Newton Artisan, Cobra and Jacksons AquaOil. Jacksons Cobalt Blue light hue is dreamy, and fab for a flash of colour on portraits. Likewise, Artisan Cadmium Red light. Cobra Pyrole Red is expensive, but lovely to use – just squeeze it out for a bit of a thrill! I could go on, but won't.


I prefer to paint on MDF 4mm board, or similar. It is versatile, allowing me to paint smoothly, roughly, sparingly, scratchily or heavily and cheap too. Corrugated cardboard is also good to use, the texture making a challenging but rewarding painting surface.

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My Muse

My Muse sits with me in her own chair. You may recognise her in (quite a few of) my paintings.

Special thanks here to Sharon Henson for help and encouragement. Have a look at her lovely land and sea scapes.

Afternoon Sunlight at The Canal de Jonct
Liz Cooper
Making Art in Essex

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Liz Cooper
Making Art in Essex